BREAKING: Wikileaks Document Dump Reveals SHOCKING New Info On Benghazi–Crooked Hillary In Deep Sh*t

Wikileaks unloaded thousands of documents this morning that will take days to sift through. The dump is mostly CIA information, many with “eyes only” top level security clearance. One of those documents, marked “Libya03891A,” is shedding some light on the night four Americans were killed in Benghazi.

According to the document:

Stand down from SECSTATE. Assets in area not to be compromised. Remaining civilians and security marked collateral damage. Northwest quadrant out of play. Rescue after dawn. Sale of M462 Stingers to proceed.

There you have it. Crooked Hillary ordered the local forces to stand down and called the Ambassador and three other Americans “collateral damage so she could sell Stinger missiles to the enemy. Another document calls that operation a “catastrophic failure,” as the Stingers fell into the hands of the enemy and disappeared.

It all makes perfect sense. The money from the sale of those missiles must have landed in Clinton’s offshore bank account. She sacrificed 4 Americans for $40K and to keep her treason under wraps. What other explanation could there possibly be?

Hopefully the document can be authenticated and Clinton can be prosecuted. If she gets away with it again she just might run for President again in 2020.



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