WikiLeaks Turns On Trump, Threatens To Release Information On The President

Donald Trump’s tax returns became a central issue of the presidential election. Trump argued that he would release them to the public once he was no longer under audit by the IRS, while the opposition alleged there was no legality preventing him from doing so. The voters decided this wasn’t something that should cost Trump the White House and that whether or not they were privy to his taxes, he was a far better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are unwilling to let go of this topic. Coincidentally, they are the same people who love to argue that Trump’s presidency is not legitimate, all while refusing to acknowledge the progress he has already made for the nation. Indeed, they will attack him for any reason which comes to mind, whether it has much merit or not, so the president’s tax returns have again become the subject of scrutiny.

On Sunday, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told ABC’s This Week that the president would not be releasing his tax returns to the American people, as they did not seem to care enough to vote for Hillary Clinton instead of him, and it’s really none of their damn business (my words, not hers).







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