Hillary Stole 6 BILLION While Secretary, CONFIRMS State Department Inspector General

They kept saying there is $6 billion missing from Hillary’s State Department. I have been saying it’s not missing, she took it and well, well, well what do we have here?

Back when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, she was in charge of some finances at the State Department. Now that is a big deal and it should be taken very seriously. Not many people can say that they have handled that type of money before.

Considering that we’re talking about billions and billions of dollars, it’s not something that should be taken lightly. But since this is Clinton we are talking about, it’s safe to say that something went wrong. That seems to be the case whenever we discuss something with Clinton.

What a surprise, Clinton messed something up! She LOST $6 BILLION while at the State Department. That is absolutely disturbing to think about! It’s one thing to drop a dollar and lose it, but $6 billion? That is flat out ridiculous!

And it has drawn the attention of Donald Trump and other Republicans. During the debate last night, Trump called her out on it. “When you ran the State Department, $6 billion was missing. How do you miss $6 billion? Six billion dollars was either stolen, they don’t know. It’s gone.”

Clinton attempted to reply to that. “Well, first of all, what he just said about the State Department is not only untrue, it’s been debunked numerous times.” Raise your hand if you have heard this one before; Clinton LIED.

It was the State Department’s Inspector General that found in THREE SEPARATE INVESTIGATIONS and two audits that $6 billion was lost to contract mismanagement, fraud, and incompetence during Clinton’s tenure. This woman lost that amount of money because of mismanaged contracts, fraud and several other things and she wants to be the leader of the nation?

That is an absolutely terrible idea! On top of that she attempted to lie and say that it was debunked. It’s very hard for something to be debunked when the Inspector General is the person who found it! What happened was that in 2014 the Inspector General found the reports that were responsible for the financial loss.

He found that the reports showed that State Department officials had LOST contract files and had incomplete contract files. That alone led taxpayers “to substantial financial losses.” So Clinton’s incompetence and inability to handle contracts cost the taxpayers money!

In fact those failures are responsible for creating “conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract file.” The fact that they left out details that were important to the case is evidence enough that Clinton shouldn’t be eligible to run the country.

If she lost this much money because she was unable to handle some documents, then how can we trust her with anything that is related to the safety of the United States? That is something that shouldn’t even be questioned and yet we are questioning it!

“It impairs the ability of the department to take effective and timely action to protect its interests and, in turn, those of taxpayers. Finally , it limits the ability of the government to punish and deter criminal behavior.” This limits the ability to punish people that caused this! Clinton literally got away with some more criminal activity.

The watchdog group Cause of Action Institute filed Freedom of Information Act requests because the Inspector General’s reports only had summaries that were made public. They asked for the full texts of everything that was released.

Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler attempted to discredit Trump’s first claim that Clinton lost the $6 billion by saying that “paperwork was missing, not dollars” and that most of the losses occurred during the Bush administration.

Clinton does have the media on her side, so they are going to do what they can to make sure that nothing can be used to hurt her chances of being president. But this also proves that they are going to lie on her behalf. Because this “fact-checker’s” claim ended up being wrong as well.

The Inspector General’s point was that the missing contract paperwork, which federal law REQUIRES State Department officials to maintain, resulted in “substantial financial losses.” So it was the fault of Clinton and her staff that was the cause of all this.

The other thing to note was that while the Fact-Checker claimed that most of these cases happened under President Bush, it was really under Clinton! He said many of these cases arose during the tenure of Secretary Hillary Clinton” and that nothing was done to correct the problems that she inherited. It’s very hard to correct something if you’re not doing anything to help yourself.

Conservative Daily Post has covered this event before. There was something written about the first time that Clinton was ever implicated with the $6 billion scandal. As with everything else that Clinton has done, she has magically gotten away with it. That is something that shouldn’t happen.

Of course Clinton seems to be able to do anything and not get in trouble. She literally sent a security guard out to attack a Trump supporter and make sure that he somehow learned his lesson. That is something that a current presidential candidate is doing. How professional.

Share this article to show that Trump was right all along. It was during the tenure of Clinton as Secretary of State that showed that they somehow lost $6 billion because of fraud and general mismanagement. And now she wants to manage the country. What else can she mess up in this country?

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

This is just another reason to vote for Trump. Clinton thinks she is all high and mighty for saying that Trump is a terrible businessman for losing nearly $1 billion. So how do you explain the fact that you lost $6 billion of TAXPAYER money?

Make her pay it back or go to jail!

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