BREAKING:After Just Two Days, President Trump Has Already SHATTERED This Long-Standing Obama Record

One of the things Barack Obama’s sheep cling to dearly is one statistic they said would never be beaten.

At one point, for one day, right after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Obama’s approval rating hit 72 percent. Impressive as it may sound, it was short-lived and never returned to anything even close to that.


Well, libturds, the numbers are in, and just like the record number of people who watched and attended the inauguration, which is now at a combined worldwide total of just under a billion people, Trump’s approval rating has shattered Obama’s record.

It seems that only those snowflakes on the far left are opposed to our new President, as Democrats and Republicans alike are optimistic and approve of him with an overwhelming 83 percent approval rating!

Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who ripped the dishonest media for their lies about the crowd at the inauguration, told reporters in the White House Press room:

“Donald Trump is the most popular president in US history. Period. His approval rating is at 83 percent and that doesn’t include the hundreds of millions of American citizens living abroad who are impossible to keep track of and count.

What we do know is exactly how many there are and exactly how many approve of President Trump, bringing his total number to 340 million who approve, which is a 114 percent rating. No President has ever, nor will any other president ever reach those numbers again. Period.”

You can’t argue with numbers like those. Donald Trump had a massive crowd, regardless of how small it looked on camera. More people watched his inauguration than the moon landing, Kennedy’s funeral and the season premier of The Walking Dead combined. Libturds sure did underestimate the power of the people who love Trump!

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