BREAKING: Recount Over After Jill Stein Forced To Withdraw From Court Case For HUMILIATING Reason

Despite all of Jill Steins’ efforts to try to raise enough money to try to do a recount in 3 separate states and overturn the election results, it would seem that those efforts have been completely thwarted. After what happened in Pennsylvania, Stein admitted defeat and crawled back home with her tail between her legs.

It has just been reported that Jill Stein wasn’t able to raise the $1 million bond that is required for the recount in Pennsylvania.

Now Stein has completely withdrawn her court case demand. As if there was any question before, as to if Trump really won the election or not, those ludicrous questions have all been squashed.

Now, there’s no doubt that Trump won the election in an electoral landslide.

Pittsburgh CBS Local reports that the Green Party has officially dropped their court case challenging the election results of the Nov. 8 election and demanding a statewide recount in Pennsylvania.

Their claim was that the voting machines used in the election could have potentially been hacked in order to intentionally throw the election.

Only two days before the scheduled court hearing on the case, the Green Party came out with its final decision to drop the case, citing the fact that they could not fund the $1 million bond ordered by the court by Monday at 5 p.m.

The Green Party hasn’t fully accepted defeat just yet. They are still pushing to analyze some election software in parts of the state. However, this, like the entire recount debacle, is most likely just another attempt to try to weaken Trump and discredit his legitimacy as president on the United States.

This does pose the question, what are they really trying to accomplish by carrying out all of this recount nonsense.

Obviously Trump and the rest of the GOP was opposed to the recount from the beginning, and a statement from the Pennsylvania GOP on Sunday read:

“The filing of a discontinuance of the Election Contest by Jill Stein’s petitioners tonight is a recognition that their Election Contest was completely without merit, and meant solely for purposes to delay the Electoral College vote in Pennsylvania for President-Elect Trump…Candidate Jill Stein’s allegations created the false allusion that some unidentified foreign government hacked our state’s voting systems when absolutely no such proof existed. We believe that she always knew that she had no such proof.”

One thing’s for sure, these shifty liberals aren’t just gonna roll over and accept defeat. We can only hope that somebody’s keeping an eye on them so that they can expose their next scheme or power grab before they can sneak it past their fellow Americans.

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